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Patti J. Bobel

Managing Partner

Patti is an active managing partner of EHB Insurance Group as the marketing director and editor. With her extensive experience in the field of sales, marketing, and administration, Patti provides the polished, professional touch. She handles all the details from the organizational planning stages of marketing and writing to the finished ideas that an independent, concept oriented insurance company needs.

Being an advocate of the highest standards for excellence, Patti stands behind the efforts of the firm with integrity and commitment. As Patti says, “our clients need to be offered the best of the best, at all times, and without exception”.

Whenever Patti can break away from the office, she enjoys lots of reading, walking and outdoor activities. She is actively involved in her parish and community.

One last note: while working together with her husband, Ernie, doesn’t come without challenges, it does come with priceless rewards!

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